Meet The Teachers

Joel Young - NPA Originator“One of the most exciting developments for me in the evolution of NPA is that we now have Certified NPA Teachers. These guys have stepped fully into the NPA Stream, allowing NPA to flow through THEM in service to all those they teach and humanity at large. This represents a considerable commitment on their part and I am thrilled to recommend their NPA Expansive events as an avenue through which you can explore and deepen in non-personal awareness”
Joel Young

Joel Young is the Originator of NPA, a Visionary Leader in the field of Human Consciousness and a genuine 21st Century Heretic, with over 16 years experience of healing & teaching internationally. Joel is renowned for his dynamic, humorous and clear delivery and has a knack for communicating the essence of a topic in a simple, heartfelt and easy to digest way.

The Certified NPA Teachers

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Marja Koivisto (Thumb 150)

NAME: Marja Koivisto
LOCATION: Helsinki, Finland
ABOUT: When I first heard about NPA from my friends Fiona and Paul Davies it was a famous ‘klick’, love at first sight. No questions. I knew there was… read more…

“I love that NPA is quick and easy to use any where and when ever needed, a tool for personal growth and for widening the perspective in all communication situations.”


Clare Jackson (Thumb 150)

NAME: Clare Jackson
ABOUT: Clare first “met” NPA at a one-day Experiential in 2010, and was instantly impressed with the clarity that it brought to a difficult decision that she needed to make. Over the next few months… read more…

“I love the ‘local’ perspective – ease and flow in our everyday lives, and I also love that NPA is playing it’s part in the shift of humanity from the ‘me’ perspective, to the ‘we’ perspective.”



Tiia Kuusk (Thumb 150)

NAME: Tiia Kuusk
LOCATION: Tallinn, Estonia
ABOUT: Everyone experiences issues and situations in life that they take personally, even if they have no desire to. What kind of people use this process, what kind of thinking and behavior from birth? Or is it… read more…

“I feel inspired to co-create with people who are fans of NPA, to grow, go deeper and have fun!”


Are You In The Next Wave Of
Certified NPA Teachers?

Teacher Training ImageYou could join the NPA Teacher Training Programme and become a Certified NPA Teacher if:


  • You love NPA
  • You are passionate about supporting humanity’s shift to sustainable models of living and relating
  • You love helping people discover a more effortless way to address the transformational aspects of their life
  • You are committed to discovering your genuine authenticity, beyond ‘spiritual’ concepts
  • You would love to share NPA in a group setting
  • You would like an additional income, or even make a good living sharing NPA
  • You would like to be more involved in the growing NPA Community
  • You are willing to embrace a mutually supportive, competition free culture in relation to your fellow NPA Teachers, and messengers of other modalities
  • You are up for an adventure!
  • You are willing to have fun
  • You are willing to not have fun
  • You are ready to take your life to the next level of Non-Personal Awareness
  • Something inside just tells you this is for you!




Use these links or the images and links above to see in-depth bios for each of our teachers…