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NAME: Clare Jackson
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Clare first “met” NPA at a one-day Experiential in 2010, and was instantly impressed with the clarity that it brought to a difficult decision that she needed to make. Over the next few months she began using NPA in everyday life, joined the NPA Community and benefitted enormously from the support of the Community Calls during a challenging time. In 2011 Clare began to introduce NPA to her clients, and when in 2012 she received the email announcing that Joel was looking for teachers, she “practically leapt off the sofa and onto the plane”, knowing that this was exactly what she wanted to do.

Clare says “It is a joy and a privilege for me to be able to share NPA and witness it working it’s magic in people’s lives. At my Expansives I draw on my own very grounded real-life experience of 40-something years on the planet, which includes childhood bereavement, marriage, divorce and remarriage, running my own business, 6 years as a Practitioner of emotional healing work The Journey, and the trials and tribulations of being a mum and stepmum. You will roll up your sleeves and have a lot of fun putting the teaching into practice, so that you go away with a clear understanding of how to use this wonderful tool to bring ease and flow into all areas of your life. It’s my deepest wish that you come to know your true self, and find that place of freedom and peace that is inside all of us.”


“There are many things I love about NPA, but the one I love the most is it’s flexibility. Anyone can use it, anytime, any place, anywhere, and on anything!

NPA will meet you where you are at, and help you to get to wherever you need to be. If you can just give NPA the tiny little bit of space it needs once a day, it can just get on with it’s work, while you get on with your busy life!

I love the “local” perspective – ease and flow in our everyday lives, and I also love that NPA is playing it’s part in the shift of humanity from the “me” perspective, to the “we” perspective.”