Meet Marja Koivisto

Meet Marja Koivisto

Marja Koivisto - Finland


NAME: Marja Koivisto
LOCATION: Helsinki, Finland
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NPA was the answer for the question and longing that I had had for quite some time: “There must be a method that is even more simple than we are used to, more adaptable to our every day life, quick and easy to use any where and when ever needed, a tool for personal growth and for widening the perspective in all communication situations.”

When I first heard about NPA from my friends Fiona and Paul Davies it was a famous ‘klick’, love at first sight. No questions. I knew there was the answer to what I was longing for both personally and professionally, to help my clients more and to give them a tool to work with when they walk out from my practice.

So, I called Joel. Practically I – or something in me – got so exited, that I e-mailed him, sent him a text message and called him – literally bombed him with my messages until I had him on the other end of the line. Something deep inside of me insisted on having the NPA Experimental training immediately, LITERALLY.

Then this something inside of me insisted on bringing NPA and Joel to Finland, to let everyone have the chance to experience and learn NPA…

Next thing something inside of me wanted was to start teaching NPA. There are so many who prefer to get the message in their own language. This tool is meant to fly high and wide, to be spread all over the world. One man is not enough to ‘carry the flag’ alone.

This something deep inside insisted Joel to give a teacher training… And here we are: Now I’ve given NPA Expansive teachings in Finland, assisted community calls and being in constant contact with Joel. I experience I am really working in productive co-operation to make the living better for us all.

As a teacher Joel is a great one. He is clear and grounded, loving and humble yet the message he gives is phenomenally powerful. I love his way to teach ‘beyond the spiritual concepts’ staying away from valuing anyone or anything. He is truly aligned with all the great masters allowing us all to be the same. I love there is a gentle humor and joy in his teaching: smiling and laughing while learning is fun!


“I think I first really started to understand the power of NPA in a deeper level – and the possibilities of using the tool – during the Teacher Training. There has been a huge shift for me personally since the Teacher Training. I experience it like a shift from doing into being. Life feels so much more effortless now. NPA Teacher training has also brought a new abundance stream in the form of groups that I am able to teach. This is one way I am able to support the humanity to make the energy shift smoother and easier.”