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These products are not directly NPA related but have been produced by Joel and/or are endorsed by him, and may be of interest and value to you…

Heaven & Earth CD

Heaven & Earth

Guided Meditation & Prayer for a Richer Life Experience

This relaxing and opening guided introspection facilitates a deep and grounded experience of your True Nature.

The recordings also include two versions of “The Morning Prayer”, a beautifully surrendered manifesting practice.

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“You will LOVE Joel’s Heaven & Earth grounding meditation! It’s incredible! Audio download allowed me immediate access!”
Nancy Barry-Jansson,



Discover Me (Music CD)

Discover Me

Music CD by Joel Young (mp3)

A mix of Rock, Pop & Folk guitar music with lyrics to open your mind, touch your heart and inspire the Soul!

For Joel, it was a labour of love that helped him work through a challenging transition in his life, and the themes generally point to finding light, love and forgiveness in the heart of darkness.

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“‘Discover Me’ speaks directly from heart to heart. Reflecting on the painful patterns of self sabotage, ‘mistakes’ and self doubts, that I thought were mine alone, Joel poetically observes the deeper message hidden in the nonsense I witness in my world. Joel’s lyrics and diverse music styles and tempos played loud in my car carry me through feelings of total abandon, emotion, self acceptance, freedom and love. I absolutely love it!”
Christine Phillips,
Spiritual Practitioner & Music Lover