The NPA Masterclass with Joel Young

This day is designed for coaches, therapists, healers and change-makers who work one-on-one with clients or people they serve.

In this interactive and experiential day, Joel will be focusing on helping you become even more graceful in using NPA with your clients. He will be opening his advanced tool-box and even sharing some of his other NPA Frames, including ‘The SHOULD Frame’ and ‘The FEAR Frame’.

The day will be largely led by the participants’ requests and longings and as ever, will be fun, practical and incredibly powerful!

You Must Have Attended (or Be Attending) The NPA Expansive Weekend
Prior To Taking This Course

Course Content Highlights

  • Lead by you
    The day is an opportunity to get the specific extra skills and techniques you want for your practice or situations
  • Discover the core underlying NPA principles for working 1 on 1
    Detailed focus on the principles of NPA particularly pertinent to working 1 on 1 and how you can be sure to apply them in your practice
  • Discover the traps that people commonly fall into with NPA 1 to 1
    Build awareness of the key traps that make using NPA 1 on 1 more difficult, less graceful & potentially less effective so you can avoid them
  • Powerful practice focused play for experiential learning
    You will literally ‘workshop’ the experiential learning with on-the-spot practical exercises
  • Learn from each other with live coaching from Joel
    The live coaching approach Joel uses on the day facilitates huge clarification and understanding of the techniques. approaches and lessons to be learned
  • In a safe space for play, confirmation & growth
    There’s a strong emphasis on supporting your innate wisdom & skill and the coaching style is light, playful and affirming
  • Explore how your NPA sessions can be structured
    Useful insights on how you can include NPA Sessions as part of your existing practice
  • Practice aspect elicitation for using The Integration Frame
    Advanced practice of aspect elicitation for The Integration Frame you learned at The NPA Expansive Weekend
  • Learn about situational aspects in the new frames
    The new frames enable us to cover ‘situational aspect’ elicitation, a technique Joel uses not previously taught!
  • Two Completely New NPA Frames:
    • The Fear Frame
      The perfect frame for to help a client facing a situation in which they are experiencing fear, anxiety or worry
    • The Should Frame
      The perfect frame to shift a client who is suffering from a ‘should’ that relates to a specific person, thing or situation
  • Get a deeper understanding of the nature of identification
    This advanced teaching will enhance your understanding of, and fluidity in eliciting cookie cutters


You need to have attended The NPA Expansive Weekend before you can join The NPA Masterclass. The Masterclass not only addresses the use of core NPA techniques with clients, but also goes deeply into NPA Frame work, which is introduced on the Sunday of the NPA Expansive Weekend through The Integration Frame.

You can attend any Expansive weekend with Joel or our Certified NPA Teachers

Click this link to find out how YOU could BECOME a Certified NPA Teacher

You Must Have Attended (or Be Attending) The NPA Expansive Weekend
Prior To Taking This Course

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