The NPA Vision Accelerator Day!

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  • What if there was a simple & effortless way to align with your vision for the year ahead?
  • What if you and your vision started out the year in a state of total connectedness?
  • What if you could find a way to express it that hit the right notes for you on every level?
  • What if it expressed the very essence of your Being, made your Soul sing and brought comfort & joy to your personality?
  • And what if you could then have that vision fully and powerfully supported by a group of fellow visionaries, all in a state of total connectedness?
  • How willing would you be to experience that?


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Event Date: Jan 4th 2014.
Event Location: takes place in W Sussex.
(Venue details & directions on booking)

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Joel Young, Creator & Custodian of NPA
Joel Young, Creator & Custodian of NPA

“The problem with most visioning, manifesting and goal setting is that it doesn’t embrace the paradoxes of human experience; of time and timelessness, the different desires of Soul and personality aspects, the infinite and eternal presence of all things and the linear nature of how we humans get to experience them. This can make visioning a real challenge for even the most savvy awakened soul.

One of the things I love about the NPA Models and approaches is that they fully embrace and resolve these paradoxes, allowing us to experience multiple perspective wholeness and find the expressions that work for all. In other words – it lets you have your cake and eat it!

This day, in the intimate setting of my home, is an invitation for you to join me and get super clear on a fully aligned, fully connected vision for your year ahead. Then leverage the full co-creative power of the group to rocket that vision to the farthest reaches of the universe, the silkiest depths of your Soul and to all the places that matter to your personality.”

There is literally only space for 8-10 people in my house and it’s first come, first served… so, if you feel you’d like to be part of this power group – click the big yellow button below, and reserve your place!

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[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]It’s Just £147[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

Event Date: Jan 4th 2014.
Event Location: takes place in W Sussex.
(Venue details & directions on booking)


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